Hey Lovelies!

I know it’s a long time since my last post but I’ve been traveling the last 2 months so I didn’t have time for my blog.

Before I start with my posts about my trip I wanted to say a few things about my Farmwork experience just in case someone’s has a similar plan.

Like I said in my „should I or should I not“ post we arrived in the Highlands at the beginning of April & after 2 hours of looking for a job we found one at a beautiful vineyard close to Bowral.

Our first day of work was the 4th of April & our first job was to paint their fences. & you have no idea how many fences their have lol! We painted those fences for 4 weeks! It was actually better than expected & we were so lucky with the weather! After we finished the fences we cleaned & painted two horse stables. The second horse stables was more like a whole house & it took us 4 weeks just so you can imagine how big it was. But that’s actually was our Farmwork Job. No fruit picking, no horror story! I think when you’re right area & be there in person to ask for a job it’s not that bad like a lot of people say.

I love looking through my pictures & have a smile when I see how much fun we had in our little buggy haha. I’ve visited my work place last weekend & everyone was so happy to see me again & actually miss this place & the people!

But like I said Martha & I were really lucky with everything happened during Farmwork. The family were we lived with are the most generous & sweetest people on earth! I really have no words for how thankful I am what their done for us! Then even with the weather, we had 3 days of rain in the 3 months working outside! It was cold yes, so when someone is asking me again how it can be cold in Australia because it’s summer 365 days a year. It’s not! Go in the south in winter & you will figure it out by yourself!

So that was my post about my Farmwork experience & yes I would do it again!
If anyone has more question about this topic just text me or leave a comment. I’m more than happy to answer every question.

just an little impression what the property looks like where we worked.


Stay tuned!
in Love♥