Vivid 2017

Hey Lovelies,

4 weeks ago Martha & I had our first weekend off since our Farmwork started. So we decided to drive up to Sydney, visit our friends & see the Vivid. I arrived at my Hostfamily’s on Thursday evening & I couldn’t be happier to be reunited with my boys after almost 3 months! I missed them so much that I told him that their can wake me up in the morning so I can spend some time with them & drop Aidan off to school. Decky came in my room & we were cuddling for hours. I really missed my best friend ♡ He was holding my hand the way to school & back home & was crying when he had to let go. I picked Martha up & we drove down to Manly to have breakfast in our favourite Café. Afterwards we had an awesome walk at the beach. The other thing I really missed – the ocean! At around 6pm I met Lena in the city, can’t tell why but I’m planning my travels at the moment. But afterwards we went to Circular Quay to see the Vivid & it was amazing! We walked through the Royal Botanic Garden but my all time favourite is the Opera House!

For Saturday Night we booked a table at the Hard Rock Café with our friends. Martha & I took the Ferry from Manly to Circular Quay. We walked to the Opera House, took some Photos because we actually have only selfies haha & waited for a friend. We met him at the wharf & were so happy to saw him again especially because he’s flying back to Denmark next week. We decided to walk from Circular Quay to Darling Harbour to meet another friend there & then walk to the Hard Rock Café. It was such a good evening with our friends & we had a lot to talk about. Afterwards we watched the Vivid at Darling Harbour & went to a Bar to have some drinks. It was such a fun night & we really missed our friends!

Martha & I didn’t do much on Sunday we went to Ground Zero for Breakfast/Lunch like always. After that we decided to go to Curl Curl & do our favourite walk there. We literally spent half a day at the beach & to walk around. In the evening we went to our friend’s house & had like a little farewell party.
On Monday morning we decided to do something crazy which we haven’t done since we’re in the Southern Highlands. So I set our alarm at 7am, we packed our stuff, made ourself ready & went to the beach for a morning swim. YES! You read right! We went to Freshwater Beach & had a morning swim & this was actually the best idea we had so far. We had the perfect weather, it was really warm after awhile & I could watch the surfers. Lucky me that I got a new GoPro this weekend so I didn’t take any pictures from the last 2 days & but I filmed it.
After our morning swim we went to Ground Zero for a Take Away Breakfast because we had to go back to work in the Highlands. That means our weekend is over & I’m already missing Manly but we had such a lovely weekend!


Thanks to Martita & our friends ♡

Stay tuned!
in Love♥