Should I or should I not…?!

Heyy Lovelies!

It’s been a while since my last post but there is coming another post about it why…

I’m on my Working Holiday Visa at the moment that means I can stay for a year in Australia. But actually that’s not enough for me & I met the best girl in town who is thinking the same. We were in Bondi the other day & she said to me that she wanna go home in July & asked me if I could imagine to go home in August & my answer was no of course. So we were thinking about the Pro’s & Con’s to stay another here in Australia & believe me you think there is a lot but actually it’s not. Australia is amazing, so much to see & it’s my home now. Of course I miss Europe & my family but I know that I’m coming back next year & that for sure. What’s made my decision even more easier that my Hostfamily wants me back after our Farmwork. So we got every information we need to know how to extend our Visa, wrote adds on Gumtree to see if someone need help on their Farm. & there it was our destiny – Kelly! The most amazing & trustful women I met so far! She lives with her family in the beautiful Southern Highlands & invited us to stay with her & look around for work. So we arrived there nervous & tense on the 2nd of April, drove around & found a job after 2 hours on a beautiful Vineyard called Bendooley Estate. We were sooo lucky with everything & that couldn’t stop smiling.
The next week we had a lot to figure out how all the Farmwork hours etc. but it all worked out so now we hope that we’ll get our Visa!

There is coming another post about our Farmwork experience!

Stay tuned!
in Love♥